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Escaffè is the brainchild of two brothers, Rocco and Gerardo Esposito, who decide to create a brand with their own name: Esposito coffee.
They approach the world of coffee in 1971 when they started a cooperation with the company Faema spa, selling furniture and coffee machines for bars and public places. Installing the first vending machines in the Basilicata region in the South of Italy, we assist the development of an activity in which the Esposito brothers have been acting for thirty years as protagonists.

While their experience in vending machines consolidates year after year, their act as distributors of brands already established on the market. Distributing these brands, they develop an intuition that will change forever their lives. Not only reckless but a consolidated experience on field are the sources of a project which will definitively sign the history of Oppido Lucano: in 1998 Escaffé roasting was born.


Escaffè della RI.DIS. srl - C.da Medica 85015 Oppido Lucano (Pz) | partita iva: 01203070766